Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Buffet caterers, wedding favours & wedding cheese cakes

Corbins Delicatessen has extensive experience as caterers providing a wide range of wedding catering services including buffets, wedding favours and the increasingly popular wedding cheese cakes.

Wedding Buffets - Corbins are able to provide a variety of buffet solutions for your special day. Typically our wedding buffets may include fresh sandwiches made using locally baked bread, canapés, hand-raised pies and quiches. We also provide a wide range of desserts and cakes as well as platters of fruit and cheese.

Wedding Favours - As a special memento or treat for your wedding guests what could make a better wedding favour than our hand-made truffles from the Ashdown Forest? Our chocolate truffles are available in a wide range of flavours and are attractively presented in decorated favour boxes that can be co-ordinated to your wedding colours.

Wedding Cheese Cakes - Not to be confused with a traditional "cheesecake", a Wedding Cheese Cake is an increasingly popular alternative to the tiered iced fruit cake - a tiered "cake" made from whole or rings of cheese. Choose your favourite cheeses and top it off with our trademark heart-shaped Coeur de Neufchatel. Alternatively why not opt for some of our more unusual cheeses; a visit to our shop will give you the opportunity to taste a few from our extensive range of around a hundred different cheeses.